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Long awaited Luna's Macro guide!

I finally rememebered what guide I had to write for you guys, so lets do this…

Creating Macros
Open the System menu and select User Macros.

Select a macro slot, then click on the fields to the right to input a title and body. By clicking the icon
to the left of the title, you can also select a macro icon. Up to 100 unique macros can be saved.

A macro can contain up to 20 text commands or chat messages. When you create a new macro, its
icon will appear in the selected slot. To edit a macro, simply select the icon and revise the displayed
Right-clicking a macro icon or empty slot will open a submenu that allows you to copy, cut, paste, 67
delete, or execute a macro, as well as undo or redo any previous revision.

Triggering Macros
A macro, like an action, can be added to the Action Bar or Cross Hotbar by dragging and dropping it
into the desired slot. It can then be executed by either clicking the icon or pressing the shortcut key
assigned to the icon‘s slot.

What can you do with macros and why it's usefull
There is a lot of stuff we can do with a macro. A macro can be really restrictive (cast on a mark), or really open (cast on mouse over). It depends on your playstyle
and how you like to run stuff. But before I can show you examples. We first need to know how it works.

Basicly, a macro is 3 parts;
- The command part (What you want to game to do)
- The Action part (the specific thing you want)
- The Target part (on what you want it to happen)

Ex: /action "Repose" <t>

Here "/action" is the command part, it's telling the game you want to use an action skill. The "Repose" part is the
action part, it is telling which action skill to perform. The "<t>" part is the Target part. <t> refers to your current target.

"But Luna! This macro does exactly the same thing as my usual Repose button! Why would I need a macro!?"

Excellent question Luna! Sometimes you may want to cast repose on a different target. Sometimes you want to cast it on
actually a very specific target and that target is moving around all over the place and your tab targeting is no cooperating.

Before pulling, you could set up markings on targets. Maybe the 1rst stop icon on the one you want to repose? Once that is
done you can use a macro like this to always cast repose on the marked target.

Ex: /action "Repose" <stop1>

That way you dont need to try to snipe target the monster, or take your focus off the tank. You can just press it, and you know it going to
cast on the target you marked with the 1rst Stop sign mark.

You could even macro a button to cast this mark on your target for an easier setup~!
Ex: /marking stop1 <t>

You can also create a multiple line macro when you need it to do more than 1 action. For example this macro:
/party {Gather Together} Protect in 3 sec~!
/wait 3
/action "Protect" <me>

This macro will announce in party chat: "{Gather Together} Protect in 3 sec~!", then after 3sec it will cast protect on you.

List of commands
Now that you get the jist of it here's a list of what you can play with..

- /action (/ac)
Used for all actions, weaponskills, spells and abilities. Uses an action on specified target. Uses current target when not specified.
This cannot be used with actions you have not yet learned, or when restricted by other factors.

Macro Ex: /action "Protect" <me>

- /partycmd (/pcmd)
Executes various party commands. Opens your party members display
when no subcommand is specified.
add ―PC name‖ – Invite a PC to your party.
leave – Leave your current party.
leader ―PC name‖ – Pass leadership to a PC in your party.
kick ―PC name‖ – Remove a PC from your party.
breakup – Dissolve your current party

Macro Ex: /pcmd add <t> (Invites the person I target to my Party)

/marking (/mk) type
Set a sign on the specified target. Uses current target when not specified.
>>Target types:
attack1(up to 5)
bind1 (up to 3)
ignore1 (up to 2)
off (Turns off enemy sign.)

Macro Ex: /marking attack1 (Sets sign ―Target to Attack 1 on current target.)
(a tank could want this woven into one of his attack to alwaus mark the target he/she's attacking)

Various Targeting Related
/target (/ta) name – Targets the specified target by name.
Target must be within range for this command to function.

/targetnpc (/tnpc) – Targets the closest NPC within a certain radius.

/targetenemy (/tenemy) – Targets the closest enemy within a certain radius.

/battletarget (/bt) – Targets the closest enemy within a certain radius that is attacking you.

/assist (/as) name or placeholder like <t> – Targets the target of another Player or NPC by name or via placeholder. (A target must be specified.)
Assists current target when not specified.

/facetarget (/ft) – Immediately turns your PC in the direction of your current target.

Various Usefull
/recast action name – Displays time remaining until the specified action can be used again.
/echo (/e) message – Displays a message that only you can see.

List of Placeholders (Most useful part of the guide)
<t> Displays current target name.
<tt> Displays target of current target's name.
<me> Displays your character's name.
<0> Displays your character's name.
<1>~<8> Display Party Member 1-8's name.
Displays Target to Attack 1–5‘s name.
<bind1>~<bind3> Displays Target to Bind 1–3's name.
<stop1>~<stop2> Displays Target to Stop 1-2's name.
<square> Displays target marked with a square's name.
<circle> Displays target marked with a circle's name.
<cross> Displays target marked with a cross's name.
<triangle> Displays target marked with a triangle's name.
<mo>,<mouse> Displays mouseover target's name
<hp> Displays current HP and maximum HP.
<hpp> Displays current HP as a percentage.
<mp> Displays current MP and maximum MP.
<mpp> Displays current MP as a percentage.
<tp> Displays current TP.
<class>,<job> Displays current class and level.
<pos> Displays coordinates of current location.

An elaborate Example for a Macro (Useful to free up time to chat! Very useful for crafting Macros)
/ac "Fracture"
/wait 3
/ac "Straight Shot"
/wait 3
/ac "Heavy Swing"
/wait 3
/ac "Maim"
/wait 3
/ac "Heavy Swing"
/wait 3
/ac "Skull Sunder"
/e Combo A+ ended

Now this seems like a good Idea at first, press 1 button be free to do other stuff. It actually may be a very good macro. However, since the macro system no longer support decimal in /wait command, these types of macro will have to wait longer than the GCD, resulting in a net LOSS of dps. Macros are meant to improve your quality of life, if for you that is more free'd up time to socialize then its a really good one. ^^;

An example for a saving bar space Macro
/ac "Raging Strikes" <me>
/ac "Heavy Swing" <t>

Assuming you don't need to save Raging Strike for a specific part of the fight… This will let you forget about Raging Strikes usage and use it on cooldown. However, this macro will throw an error which leads us to:

A nice suggestion from PessimusMax
Turning off error reporting in your logs
You may want to do this, because the parts of your macro that aren't executed (because other parts are) will display errors saying they couldn't be executed. It's not a problem; it's just annoying.


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List of common useful macros
*currently building* Feel free to suggest macros you find useful! I don't play all classes so I am unfamiliar with.. well DPS classes, I don't know them much ^^;

- Set an Stop Icon on the monster you have your mouse over, so people don't touch it. (Not guaranteed they will listen!) Best synergy when bound to a mouse button.
/marking Stop1 <mo>
- Cast repose on the target you marked previously without you needing to swap target.
/ac "Repose" <stop1>
- The combination of the above
/mk attack3 <t>
/ac "Sleep" <attack3>
/p I'm sleeping number 3! Please don't attack it.
- Cast Cure on mouse over (nice to snipe DPS players without de-targeting the tank)
/ac "Cure" <mo>
- Cast Thunder on target of target. Its nice because if you target the tank, it will DoT the monster your tank is attacking.
/ac "Thunder" <tt>
- Cast Aero on target of target. Its nice because if you target the tank, it will DoT the monster your tank is attacking.
/ac "Aero" <tt>




- Lets you know how long before you can Raging Strikes again each time you use Heavy Shot
/ac "Heavy Shot" <t>
/recast "Raging Strikes"

- Cast Provoke on Mouse over. Great for when you have multiple target to tank and 1 slips away.
/ac Provoke <mo>
- Tells you how much time left on the cooldown for Provoke when you cast Flash
/recast "Provoke"
/ac Flash <t>
- Covers the person the boss you target now wants to kill.
Sleepytinksy`s suggestion
/ac "Cover" <tt>
- Alternatively, Covers the target of your mouseover
/ac "Cover" <mo>

- Worry-free Using Raging Strikes on Cool Down.
/ac "Raging Strikes" <me>
/ac "Heavy Swing" <t>
- All In one (sort of) tanking.
/ac "Mercy Stroke" <t>
/ac "Overpower" <t>
/ac "Tomahawk" <t>
This macro will try for Mercy Stroke first, if that can't be done, it will do overpower, if you are out of range, it will Tomahawk.

Generally Usefull
Kaeno Asura's Suggestions
- To wrap all Defensive cooldowns on 1 button
/ac "Feather Foot"
/ac "Foresight"
etc… (if you have more)
- Same Idea as above but for a DPS burst, can spam it to pop all of those skills or press once each time you want a DPS increase since those abilities have long cooldowns, it will use the first one that is up.
/ac "Hawk Eye"
/ac "Blood for Blood"
/ac "Raging Strikes"
- Life Steal combo (best used after the above!)
/ac "Convalesence"
/ac "Life Surge"

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Hey, thanks for using my macro as a bad example.

I don't play top tier DPS or anything like that. It lets me talk and to my group while attacking.

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Ah, right! That's a good point, I'll edit it to reflect that.

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Any word on conditional statements?

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If you use conditional statements to make macros then you're letting the game play the game for you, lol

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I don't see any way to make such macro atm, except playing with placeholders. Like:

/ac "Cure" <t>
/ac "Cure" <mo>
/ac "Cure" <2>

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holy moly I wish I new about that wait command in macro before I leveled gsm. that command will be epic for leveling crafting
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